Modern farmhouse living room wall decor ideas

Modern farmhouse living room wall decor ideas

Modern farmhouse living room wall decor ideas are the perfect way to add a touch of country charm to any home. Whether you’re looking for a fresh, modern take on traditional farmhouse style, or something more contemporary and chic, there are plenty of options to choose from. From rustic metal signs and prints featuring animals and nature scenes, to bold wall art that celebrates the beauty and simplicity of rural life, there is something to suit every taste.

Here are 14 modern farmhouse decorating ideas

01. Don’t forget the family photo

When designing A living room for modern farmhouse living, Think about adding A few family photos to the wall. With today’s technology, You can easily print out photos or take them with you on your phone during A visit. If space is an issue, Consider using A photo frame and placing the photos in It instead. Whatever method you choose, Make sure to add some personalized touches to make your family feel at home. 

02. A Wall Shelving Display To Showcase Individual Style

If you’re looking for A way to add some personality to your farmhouse living room, Consider installing A wall shelving display. This type of decor can be very modern or eclectic, Depending on the individual styles of the pieces you choose. You can go with simple wooden shelves or more elaborate racks made from different materials, Like reclaimed wood or metal. Just be sure that the items you choose reflect your personal style and personality.

03. A Mirror To Create A Fresh View

Your farmhouse living room with new wall decor, Then take a look at some of the modern farmstead living area wall decor ideas below. Whether you want to add a pop of color or simple elegance, These ideas will have you inspired! 

The first idea is to use a large mirror to create an interesting focal point. If you have a bright, bold color on your walls, This could be the perfect way to add some life to your space. Alternatively, If your walls are more muted and traditional in color, Adding A mirror can add A sense of freshness and modernity.

Another great way to update your farmstead living area barrier decor is by using reclaimed or old wood furniture as your focal point. Not only does this give the room a unique look and feel, But It also helps extend the life of your furniture investments.

04. Propping As Well As Hanging Wall Decor

Adding interesting and whimsical wall decor to your farmhouse living room is A great way to inject some modernity while still keeping the cozy feel of A traditional home. One popular way to do this is by using both propping and hanging wall decor. 

Propping can be used to create an eye-catching feature on the wall, Like in this farmstead living area with bold vertical stripes. Hanging barrier decor can also make a big impact, As seen in this rustic bedroom with strings of light bulbs dangling from the ceiling. Whether you go for traditional or modern bedding, Accessories, Or barrier decor, Adding some fun and personality to your space will make It feel more personal and inviting!

05. Textiles As Wall Decor

Textiles as wall decor can be A great way to add some texture and style to your farmhouse living room. You can choose from traditional fabrics such as cotton or linen, Or you could go for something more modern and playful like Shibori fabrics. Either way, Textiles offer A natural and organic look that’s perfect for any space. Plus, They’re easy to care for so you can keep them looking fresh year-round.

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06. Harmony Between The Old And New

Harmony Between the Old and New. The old farmhouse living room wall decor ideas can be updated with modern, Stylish designs. You don’t have to sacrifice the character of your old home in order to make It look more modern. A few simple updates can go A long way in creating A cohesive, Matching look between the old and new.

Consider adding some fresh new artwork or prints to your walls. A contemporary print or abstract painting will add brightness and color to an otherwise bland room. Alternatively, Opt for delicate fabrics and natural materials to give your walls A more rustic feel. This type of wall decoration is perfect for older homes that may have been built with heavier materials like wood.

07. Artwork Above the Furniture

The artwork above furniture can add visual interest and personality to any farmhouse living room. There are many different ways to decorate with artwork, So there’s sure to be something that will fit your style. Some ideas include using brightly colored pieces, Prints, Or paintings of landscapes or nature scenes. If you’re looking for A more subtle approach, Try using smaller pieces of art that complement the furniture rather than dominating the space. Whatever you choose, Make sure It’s appropriate for the style of your home and fits in with your other decoration choices.

08. Botanical Prints Wall Decor

Botanical prints have been gaining in popularity as wall decor for modern farmhouse living rooms. With their earthy tones, These prints can create A natural feel for your space. Additionally, They can be paired with other natural elements like distressed wood furniture and brick walls to give your room an eclectic look. For A more refined look, Try using botanical prints in combination with traditional wallpaper designs or paintings.

09. Hint Of Summer Color

For A hint of summer color in your home, A modern farmhouse living room wall decor idea may be just what you need. From bold pops of orange to soothing neutrals, There’s A hue for everyone in this design trend. To get started, Start by picking out neutral pieces like furniture and flooring to create A cohesive look. Then add colorful accents like pillows and artwork to stand out and take the focus off of the main pieces. For an extra touch of brightness, Try adding A popsicle-colored rug or chair. Finally, Mix things up with seasonal prints and patterns to keep things interesting. Whether you want to go big or small with your decoration choices, These ideas will help give your space that Summer feels!

1O. Create Showcase Architectural Features

Talk about living room wall decor ideas that will showcase your modern farmhouse style. When decorating a room that doubles as your home’s primary gathering space, It is important to think about how to make It feel welcoming and comfortable. One way to do this is by using high-quality pieces of furniture and accessories, As well as complementary barrier decor. Here are some ideas for modern farmstead living area barrier decor:

Add A striking piece of art to one or more of the walls. This can be anything from A large landscape painting to A contemporary abstract work. If you have limited space, Consider opting for a smaller piece instead; This will still give the room an air of sophistication and elegance

11. Hang Traditional Farm Animals

Do you want to keep your traditional farmhouse living room looking modern, But also want to hang some of your favorite farm animals? Well, There are many ways to do this! You can buy A decorative piece of wall art that features A cow or pig, Or you can paint the wall with a barn mural. Whichever method you choose, Make sure that it fits in with the rest of your decor and is comfortable for you and your family to live with.

12. Create Wall Storage And Decoration

Looking to add some extra storage and visual appeal to your farmhouse living area walls? Check out our roundup of modern farmhouse wall decor ideas! From rustic, Natural materials to sleek and stylish prints, There’s A look for you. Plus, Many of these ideas can be easily transformed into DIY projects – So you can personalize them just the way you want!

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13. Window-Style Wall Storage 

With farmhouse decorating, You can go with traditional or modern styles. If your home is in the modern style, Consider adding window-style wall storage to add brightness and a pop of color. This type of storage is perfect for a farmhouse living area as It offers an interesting way to display items while still keeping them accessible. You can also use this style of storage to store magazines, Books, Or other decorative items.

14. Create farmhouse Rustic Signage

Farmhouse rustic signage can add A touch of country charm to any modern farmhouse living room. There are A variety of different ways to go about creating farmhouse rustic signage, So you can find the perfect solution for your home. Some ideas include using reclaimed wood or barn wood for signs, Painting signs with natural paint colors, And installing small metal signs with antique finishing touches. Whatever you choose, Be sure to accentuate the unique features of your home and create A cohesive look for your whole space.

What kind of wall decor can I put in my farmhouse living room?

There are a lot of different ways to decorate your farmstead living area. You could go with traditional decorations, Like antiques or family photos, Or you could go with more modern pieces, Like art ornaments or plants. Whatever you choose, Make sure It fits the style of your home and coordinates well with the other furniture in the room.


In conclusion, Farmhouse living room wall decor ideas can be as simple or intricate as you like. Use pieces that reflect your personality and style, And give your space A cohesive look. Whether you’re looking for natural materials or more contemporary accents, There’s something for everyone on our list. So go ahead, Give your farmhouse living room the makeover It deserves – with some stylish wall art!

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