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5 Custom Designs You Should Not OverlookIn Your New Home 

Have you ever experienced the joy of building your own home from scratch? Truly, the experience is unparalleled. No wonder, the beauty of custom-made houses lies in the flexibility of choosing the design concepts that sync with your lifestyle. But no matter how much you want to design a home to meet your family’s requirements, there seem to be a few follies that are bound to create some complications later. 

You are all set with a perfect plot, offering adequate space and some breathtaking views. If you have already discussed the building plan with a Kelowna apartment builder, everything seems perfect to take off. But there are design details you might overlook. 

Here are 5 design details you are more likely to miss during the construction of your new apartment. 

Design concepts you should not skip in your new home

Proper layout design 

The floor plan represents the foundation of a custom home. It is while planning the layout with custom home builders in Kelowna that you can go for maximum variation to make it personal in the real sense. Unfortunately, what looks good on print and paper might not come out so well in reality. Therefore, you need to stay cautious when finalizing the floor plan. Typically, you need to plan your apartment to meet the growing needs of the family and ensure that they feel comfortable in the dwelling place. 

Moreover, the placement of rooms is another factor to consider. While some prefer the bedrooms to be near the more accessible areas like the laundry room or the kitchen, others find bedrooms to be away from these areas. It’s important to customize your apartment but don’t let form rule over functionality always. 

Proper layout design.jpg

Missing the light cycles

Most home buyers feel overwhelmed with the interior features of the apartment and miss the light cycles when positioning the house. If you make the same mistake, your bedrooms will be devoid of sunlight, be it in any season. Do it right and expect the morning sun to wake you up. At the same time, you need to take care that the sun’s rays do not blind you or make the bedrooms too hot. That way, you will be using the AC more and compromise the energy efficiency. Besides, the rooms, be sure to place the porch and the patio correctly so that they cross the sun’s path correctly. Incorporating overhangs in your custom apartment keeps the sun’s rays away and lets the windows be in the shade. Similarly, your home stays warm during the winter months as well.

Missing the light cycles.jpg

Storage space 

You may put up a lot of décor elements in your custom apartment but what if it lacks storage space? You can never get enough when it comes to the storage area inside the house. From the mudroom to closets in the bedroom, you need to have smart storage solutions to make your house truly customized, efficient, and adaptable. Going for interchangeable storage options allows more flexibility. If you plan to live alone, your storage needs will be fewer than what you will need if you choose to raise a family. 

3. Storage space.jpg

Don’t ignore the views

If you fix the floor plan even before you explore new lots for sale in Kelowna, you may miss the best views from the custom-made house. It is necessary to position the windows properly as it will help you get an opportunity to capture the best of the surroundings. If you do not want to waste great views from your apartment, get the lot first and discuss the floor plan later. 

Don’t ignore the views.jpg

Resale value

Consider making maximum changes during the design phase but before that, you need to discuss what’s in your mind with custom apartment builders in Kelowna. Dilworth Homes is one of the renowned custom home building companies that will help you construct an apartment in which you enjoy living now and offers a great resale value down the line. The key to building a custom home is keeping the design simple yet appealing. 

Resale value.jpg

Building a custom home is a rewarding experience indeed. So, you need to pick a universal design, smart storage spaces, modern bathrooms, and kitchens to ensure that you are all there and create a better apartment comprising an enduring design. Read more Decorate Small Living Room With Fireplace.

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